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Talking About Preventative Plumbing Services

How To Repair (And Protect) A Chipped Enamel Cast Iron Sink

by Charlie Clarke

Enameled cast iron sinks can add beauty to a room. They're also know for their durability and heat resistance. However, after years of continual use, the enamel may chip off the cast iron in a place or two. Though serious cases may need to be repaired by a professional who focuses on sink repairs, who may apply a new layer of enamel over the entire sink, you can often repair minor chips on your own. You'll then want to take steps to protect your sink form further damage. Here's how:

Repairing A Chip

Step 1: Buying an Enamel Repair Kit

There are numerous enamel repair kits sold in home improvement stores and hardware stores. Look for one made by a reputable brand. Some signs of a good kit are:

  • The kit includes everything you need to make the repairs, not just the enamel
  • The kit includes detailed instructions
  • The kit comes with a "money back" guarantee

Make sure you purchase an enamel kit in the proper color to match your sink. If your sink is white or black, this is simple. If you have a uniquely colored sink, you may need to reach out to the sink's manufacturer and ask them to send you the sink's color formula, which an employee in a paint store can use to mix an enamel that's the perfect match. You could then purchase a generic, white patch kit and just substitute your specially mixed enamel for the white enamel in the kit.

Step 2: Prepping the Sink

Use sandpaper (which may or may not be included in your kit) to roughen up the area around the chip. Then, wipe the area with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust. Let it dry before proceeding.

Step 3: Applying the Enamel

If your kit comes with a two-component enamel, you'll need to mix the hardener and catalyst together in equal portions in the provided tray or bowl. If you have a one-component enamel, you can skip this step.

Use a wooden or plastic stick, which should be included in your patch kit, to drip enamel into the chipped area. Do not try to "brush" the enamel on, as this will not result in a thick enough layer. The liquid enamel should fill the chipped area completely and look like it's mounding over the surface of the nearby enamel just a little bit. Its level will sink when it dries, leaving it even with the original enamel.

Step 4: Letting the Patch Cure

Once the chip has been filled, leave the sink alone for at least 2 days. Do not run water in it, place any dishes in it, or otherwise touch it. This gives the enamel and ample chance to harden. Avoid cleaning or scrubbing the sink for at least another week.

Protecting Your Sink

Now that your sink looks like new again, you'll want to take steps to protect it from future chips. Make sure you only use soft sponges and non-abrasive cleaners to clean the sink. This will help prevent scratches, which can later develop into chips, from forming in the enamel. 

Try to put items, like pots and dishes, into your sink gently so you don't accidentally crack or chip the enamel. Consider putting a rubber mat in the bottom of the sink to serve as an extra layer of protection. Also, avoid dumping acidic liquids, like orange juice and acidic cleaning products, into the sink. These can weaken the enamel coating and make chips more likely.

To learn more about repairing and protecting your enamel cast iron sink, reach out to a plumber or sink repair company in your area.