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Talking About Preventative Plumbing Services

How to Convert a Portable Restroom Into an Outdoor Toilet With Septic System

by Charlie Clarke

Portable restrooms act as outhouses when there are no other bathroom options available. In the event that you want a "porta-potty" long-term, there are ways you can convert one of these portable restrooms into an outdoor toilet for regular use. You will need a plumber's help to do it, as well as a septic system installation expert. Here is how you can make this conversion from porta-potty to outdoor toilet and septic system.

Select a Large Area for the Underground Septic System

This conversion requires a large area in which to install an underground holding tank and drainage pipes to a leach field. The septic installation expert will confer with the plumber regarding the best location on your property in which to install this. Excavation can begin as soon as the area is selected and you have agreed to it.

Install the Septic System and Pipes

After the septic tank is in the ground and well below the area where the portable toilet will sit, the connecting pipes are installed. There will be pipes leading away from the tank to the leach field and pipes leading up from the tank to the area where the porta-potty will sit. The plumber will conduct most of this work to make sure all of the pipes are properly affixed to the holding tank and will function as expected.

Position and Connect the Porta-Potty

Next, the porta-potty is dropped over the top of the pipes that will take the waste into the holding tank. The plumber will connect the pipes to the holding tank inside the porta-potty, cutting holes in the tank for the waste to flow into the pipes. Gravity takes control so that you never have to worry about flushing the toilet to get the waste into the pipes and down into the underground septic tank.

Tank Pumping

After you have fully installed and converted your porta-potty to an outdoor toilet and septic system, you can begin using it at will. This is often a very helpful and useful conversion for farmers and farmhands that do not want to come all the way back into the farmhouse to use the toilet, but it can benefit really rural homes as well. Once you have had this system for a few months, you may need to contact a septic pumping company to come and remove solid waste from the septic tank via pumping. That will have to be done regularly to keep this converted porta-potty functioning properly.

Contact a company like AAA Pumping Service if you have further questions about portable toilet use.