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Hey there, my name is Russell Tyson. I am going to use this site to educate my readers about services offered by plumbing professionals. When I first started my company, I was unaware of all the necessary plumbing procedures needed to keep the toilets from backing up. My clients often failed to notify me when a toilet started to fail, likely due to embarrassment or a lack of time. Luckily, I was clued into the value of hiring plumbers to perform regular maintenance and repairs on the toilets to keep them in fine shape. I hope to detail those services on this site to inspire others to embrace preventative plumbing procedures.


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Talking About Preventative Plumbing Services

Is It Time To Choose A New Toilet?

by Charlie Clarke

If you are looking for ways to update your bathroom, make sure that you do not overlook replacing your toilet. Although the sturdy construction of a toilet helps to ensure that it will last for decades, you don't necessarily want to leave it in place that long. Even if the one you have in the bathroom is not made from porcelain reminiscent of the 80's, there are several advantages to replacing it with one of the newer models on the market. Here are a few reasons that may encourage you to go shopping.

Replacing Your Toilet Could Save You Money

Although the average cost to replace a toilet averages over $370, you may be able to quickly recoup your costs in the savings that you will realize on your water bill. This is because older toilets can use anywhere from 3.5 to 7 gallons of water each time they flush.

New high-efficiency toilets are designed so that they use no more than 1.28 gallons per flush. If you want to save even more, consider installing a dual-flush model. These toilets use even less water when flushing liquid waste, and approximately the same amount as the high-efficiency toilets when they are flushing solid waste.

How much you will save off your water bill will vary based on how much water you are currently using, as well as how many people are in your household and their toileting habits. Using less water will allow you to keep more of your money in your pocket in the long run.

Replacing Your Toilet Can Save You Time

Have you ever spent long period of time trying to scrub the hard water stains or rust out of your antiquated toilet bowl? Has your toilet water become discolored or smelly? Unfortunately, over time bacteria, minerals, and deposits can build up not only in your toilet bowl, but they can also easily build up in your toilet tank.

If you fail to clean these elements out of both your tank and bowl, these elements will build up and cause your toilet to be hard to clean. The build up in your toilet tank can lead to your toilet having other problems such as leaks over time. Although you may be able to get your toilet bowl and tank clean with a little elbow grease, with a new toilet you will not have this worry.

Replacing Your Toilet Can Make You More Comfortable

Do your knees ache when you are trying to sit or get up from your toilet? Would your bottom feel more comfortable on an oblong seat? If you decide to replace your toilet, these are things that you can choose to change. As you age, you may find that you are more comfortable using a toilet that does not require you to squat as low when you sit on it. The good news is that there are numerous models on the market to choose from. Most toilets come in two basic models. They are:

  1. Standard Height Models - or models that measure 15 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. These are best for people of shorter statute, those with children, or others who have become accustomed to this height.
  2. Comfort Height Models - these models come in heights that range from 16–9 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. These are designed for taller people, the elderly, or those who have knee or hip problems. 

No matter which model you choose when you install your new toilet, toilet installations can be very messy jobs. This job is best left to a plumbing repair service, like Cove Plumbing Inc. They will be glad to come and install the toilet of your choosing, and then you may really feel like you are sitting on a throne.