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Hey there, my name is Russell Tyson. I am going to use this site to educate my readers about services offered by plumbing professionals. When I first started my company, I was unaware of all the necessary plumbing procedures needed to keep the toilets from backing up. My clients often failed to notify me when a toilet started to fail, likely due to embarrassment or a lack of time. Luckily, I was clued into the value of hiring plumbers to perform regular maintenance and repairs on the toilets to keep them in fine shape. I hope to detail those services on this site to inspire others to embrace preventative plumbing procedures.


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Talking About Preventative Plumbing Services

Ready To Finish Your Bare Basement As A Great Rec Space And More? Talk With A Plumber First

by Charlie Clarke

Finishing the basement is an ideal way to create more living areas with the space that you already have to work with. If you have a bare open area and you are ready to add a recreational area, bedroom, and other features, you want to have a plumber come into the home. The plumber can look at the current plumbing situations around the space and determine what will be easy to add, and what wont, and what can be changed. Talk with the plumber about these different options for the space.

Add a Bathroom

Adding a bathroom is a great investment for your basement. People who stay in the guest room don't have to go upstairs to use the bathroom or brush their teeth, and people that are using the recreational areas can use the bathroom without having to leave the get together and without bothering anyone upstairs. This also allows you to list another bathroom if you ever sell your home.

Get a Wet Bar

If you plan to have a bar area, adding a sink even it's small to dump beverages and rinse out cups can be very helpful and a nice convenient touch to the space.  Talk with a plumber about where it would make the most sense to put the bar so it's easy to get plumbing to that spot for the sink and drain, so you can have water if needed.

Move Appliances

Would it be easier to get the layout that you want, or would the appliances work more efficiently if you moved them around? The plumber may suggest that you move a hot water tank or sump pump if they don't think these units are located in the right areas around the home, and if there are other options that would work better for your layout.

Adding these things to the basement and finishing it will add a lot of value to your home, which makes spending the money a smart investment for your property. Before you start putting down flooring and adding drywall, talk with a plumber to see where you need to move or change things around the space, and so they can hook up the plumbing that will be needed for the different areas that you want to finish in the space. Planning ahead with the plumbing will save you money and headaches after you get started finishing the space.