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Hey there, my name is Russell Tyson. I am going to use this site to educate my readers about services offered by plumbing professionals. When I first started my company, I was unaware of all the necessary plumbing procedures needed to keep the toilets from backing up. My clients often failed to notify me when a toilet started to fail, likely due to embarrassment or a lack of time. Luckily, I was clued into the value of hiring plumbers to perform regular maintenance and repairs on the toilets to keep them in fine shape. I hope to detail those services on this site to inspire others to embrace preventative plumbing procedures.


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Talking About Preventative Plumbing Services

Stuck At Home? 3 Plumbing Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

by Charlie Clarke

If you're dealing with shelter-in-place orders, you may need to postpone some home repairs. Luckily, there are some repairs that can wait until the crisis is over. Plumbing repairs don't belong on that list. Don't delay plumbing repairs until after the shelter-in-place orders are lifted. If you do, you could experience bigger problems. The federal government lists plumbers as essential workers. That means your local plumbers are available for all necessary plumbing repairs. If you're not sure your plumbing problems need immediate attention, read the information provided below. Here are three plumbing problems you shouldn't ignore.

You've Noticed Water Heater Condensation

If you have hot water, you may think that your water heater is fine. That might not be the case. Small leaks can be difficult to identify, especially with your water heater. Check out the exterior of your water heater. Is it covered in a layer of moisture or condensation? If the answer is yes, your water heater has a leak. Call for plumbing repairs at the first sign of condensation on your water heater tank.

You've Got Problems With Your Toilets

If your toilets are giving you problems, take a closer look. Sluggish toilets are often a sign of underground plumbing problems. This is especially true when the issue affects more than one toilet. If you have a sluggish toilet, check for problems down line. Have someone look in one toilet while you flush the other one. If your flush causes the water to rise in the other toilet, you've got a problem. The rising water is a sign that you've got a clog somewhere between the two toilets.

Your Crawl Space Has a Moisture Problem

If you noticed moisture in your crawl space the last time you were under your house, don't ignore the problem. Moisture buildup in your crawl space or basement isn't something that can wait until after they lift the shelter-in-place order. The excess moisture may be caused by leaky pipes under your house. Unfortunately, moisture can cause serious damage to your home. Moisture can also increase your risk for pest infestations. Don't wait until the crisis is over to schedule repairs. Call your plumber right away.

If you've discovered plumbing problems in your home now that you're sheltering in place, don't postpone the repairs. Postponing plumbing repairs can lead to more significant problems later on. Avoid the risk. Contact a plumbing repair service near you today.